I like big books and I can not lie.

You know what makes me feel like shit? Books.

As much as I love reading, it ultimately makes me feel sad, because I realize just how much my life sucks.

Compared to the magic, books conjure up in our minds, our lives are boring.

Being a bookworm is very much like being a drug addict.

Attending social gatherings and performing simple, daily activities, such as sleeping and eating, become tedious. All you can think of is how badly you want to read your book.

But what happens when you finish said book?

You crash. HARD.

Your life loses all meaning and purpose.  You walk around aimlessly, with the inability to start reading a new book, because you’re still hung up over the last book.

As much as reading books makes me hate my life, it also brings me peace, happiness and provides a healthy way to escape negative feelings.

“ I don’t just want to reads book, I want to climb in it and live there” – Anonymous


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