Thoughts on being sexy.

There comes a time when every girl grows boobs and becomes a woman. But as we get older we all have to confront our own sexuality.

Am I sexy?

Do I have to feel sexy to be sexy?

Do I have to try to be sexy? Or can I just wake up one day and decide “I AM SEXY TODAY”?

To me being beautiful is defined by your character, the way you conduct yourself and by your own unique quirks. But what is sexy?

I only own one piece of lingerie. I feel like a confused, cross-dressing alien when I wear it.

*looks at self n mirror*



I have never felt sexy and comfortable at the same time.

It’s like feeling sexy is something you constantly have to work at, until you master it. That shit was not pre-installed.

I mean, cute? NAILED IT.

Pretty? Yeah, maybe on a good day.

But sexy? WHAT IS THAT?!


I don’t want to come across as sexy to other people, because that is subjective to their opinions of me. I want to feel sexy for me.

Or at least only when I try to be.


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