Dealing with anxiety.

We all deal with anxiety on some level.

I suffer from a mild case of social anxiety.

Social interaction, or even the idea of social interaction, gives me the same anxiety as what I feel when having to speak in public.

If I have to go to a social gathering, where there might be people I do not know, I am instantly filled with anxiety and dread.


In my head I create mock scenarios of how it’s going to play out and try to convince myself that it’ll be okay.

But it never is.

I’m always weird.


I deal with my anxiety by smoking. Excessively.

Now, I definitely DO NOT recommend that anyone deal with their anxiety in this way. Not only is it a temporary solution, but it can become a whole new problem in itself.

Instead of reaching for that box of cigarettes, you can…

– Exercise. Even if you just start doing sit-ups in your lounge, great!

– Read a good book.

– Cuddle your pets.


– Go sleep earlier.

– Get stuck in a DIY project.

– Have a solo dance party in your room. Letting go of your inhibitions every now and then can do wonders.


– Try to eat a little healthier. For example, cut out carbonated drinks for a month. You WILL feel a major difference.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…


“Heard it all before.”

But there is a reason that these things come up again and again. They work! Instead of trying to numb your feelings of anxiety with something bad, why not try something wholesome?

Sometimes the solution to a really hard problem is very simple.

I encourage you to try these things.

But most importantly, change your mind set. Tell yourself “This is not frightening, this is an adventure.”



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