Happy tummies, happy rats.

So this morning I gave Maxi and Ben their honey oats, as per usual.

After scoffing down their breakfast, they assumed the “mommy-give-us-scritches” position.


Obviously I can’t resist showering my furchildren with affection and it wasn’t too long after that Maxi started bruxing and boggling.

Scritching – The collective term for petting, rubbing, massaging, scratching, kissing, cuddling, grooming, fondling, tickling and otherwise showing your rat just how much you love him/her.

Boggling – The rat’s eyes will bulge in and out in a fast motion.

Bruxing – A rat bruxes by grinding its teeth together. Can either sound like grinding or chattering teeth.

*Note: This is not a video of my rats.

Naturally the first time this happenend, I freaked the fuck out. I honestly thought they were having seizures and would soon pop out their eyes and die.


However, after further investigation, it became evident that they do this when they are content.

Like how kittehs purr, this is how ratties show that they are happy.

Just a heart-melting moment I wanted to share with the rest of the world. :)